If you tend to gain extra weight while traveling with changes to the weather, water, climate and food. Here are some valuable tips which will help you to stay in your optimal weight and not gain extra pounds.


Take good advantage of the location

The traveler must take benefits from the setting. Whether you choose seasides or hill stations, make sure you make use of the setting of the place. Go for a sunrise or sunset walk on the beaches and enjoy the beauty of the sun-sea horizon. You can also jog in the early mornings, stretch yourself and exercise feeling the fresh sea breeze. If it is the mountains that you have chosen, you can go for short trail trekking which would actually make you lose that extra pound of your body. The body will take its best shape during the travel period.

Leisurely strolls

Put on your walking shoes and take slow strolls to burn calories in the easiest way. Walking is undoubtedly a good exercise as it revives the rate of metabolism for greater fat burning and also engages the heart and the lungs for a much better cardio. Plug on your headphones with some nice energetic music and under relaxed pace take few strolls which would ensure a fit body and undoubted weight loss.

Take advantage of the hotel amenities

Good hotels always offer proper fitness rooms with all the modern fitness equipments in it. The traveler should make full use of these equipments to stay fit and not gain extra weight while traveling. Some hotels provide equipments in the traveler’s private rooms. All travelers should atleast use treadmills everyday at the hotel as it increases the metabolism level, helps in good blood circulation, keep leg muscles strong and increases heart span.

Pack healthy snacks


Healthy snacks should be packed before leaving for traveling to ensure that you do not feel  hungry in between, or wandering for food and end up eating high sugar or high fat foods. One should avoid having fried foods, chips, chocolate bars, candy etc. Instead healthy options like high fibre granola bars, dry fruits, nuts, fruits, whole wheat crackers, peanut butter etc should be packed, so that the traveller always have a healthy option to munch.

Watch your intake and indulge with caution

Too much alcohol or cocktail intake adds upto calories for sure. So, one should make sure to have a good meal before drinking as it lowers the absorption of alcohol into the body. Avoid beer cans and stick to mild cocktails keeping the calories in mind. Water or soda water should always be taken in between so that one stays hydrated. Always stay cautious when your desired treats are up on the menu. Indulge very carefully having a portion of it or just for taste if you really do not want to gain extra calories. Have good amount of fresh fruits or salads to get the best nutrition.

So, while traveling keeps all these tips in mind to stay in the best of shape. Stay healthy and have fun!