Adventure with a powered parachute

Since the dawn of time man has wanted to fly. Thomas Edison even said “Man’s destiny is in the air…”. 


For most people money issues and safety concerns are key factors keeping them from taking to the skies, powered parachutes (PPC’s) are the solution to those concerns. Here’s why: Unlike fixed wing aircrafts, it is relatively easy to learn how to fly a PPC. After the initial investment, a PPC only costs about $6 an hour to fuel and maintain.

PPC’s can be tailored, thus eliminating costly hangar rental. 

Last and most importantly, PPC’s are considered to be the safest form of aviation. 

 The PPC industry has grown exponentially in the past five years. This growth is expected to continue since only about 5% of the population even knows what a PPC is. Once informed however, 25% of those polled said they would fly or own one given the opportunity. I am here to introduce and educate you about PPC’s, and to show you why should be flying one.

Take it all in from a new perspective!
Hughes Turner

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